5 Ways Computer Monitoring Can Protect Your Children Online


Implementing computer monitoring in the home is an effective way of protecting your children’s wellbeing, safety and reputation when using the internet.

With most households now owning multiple smartphones, tablets, games consoles and computers, children now live in a world where they are constantly connected to the internet. With limitless information and entertainment right there at their fingertips there’s no denying that the world wide web is an indispensable tool for educating, inspiring and entertaining children; but it can also have a darker side.

Whilst all children should be educated in how to safely use the internet, a child’s natural curiosity can often lead them astray online, as could a couple of misworded searches or accidental clicks.

Computer Monitoring
Computer Monitoring

Make sure you’re aware of what content your kids are looking at on the internet by setting up computer monitoring at home to give you peace of mind that they’re safe from these 5 online dangers.

Inappropriate content

With the internet now offering instant access to pretty much any content imaginable, it is very important to have a high level of control over what your children are looking at online. From pornography to explicitly violent content the internet is littered with inappropriate content that children should be protected from. By monitoring your child’s internet access, you can block them from viewing inappropriate content and keep tabs on what they’re searching for and stumbling across online.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is a very real problem that can have a devastating effect on children and their families. In a world that is constantly connected, children can no longer switch off and leave bullying behind at the school gates. By monitoring you child’s internet usage you can ensure that you’re aware of any bullying that they may be victim of, carrying out or witnessing online, allowing you to intervene before anything escalates.

Computer Monitoring by Kid
Computer Monitoring by Kid

Talking to strangers

Do you know who your children are really talking to online? Making new friends online has become commonplace, particularly amongst the younger generation. Social media, forums and gaming websites are some of the commonest places that kids are making friends online, and whilst in most cases it’s all good fun, some friendships can be more concerning. Computer monitoring can help to put your mind at rest about who your children are speaking to as well as keeping them safe. You may also wish to have a background enquiry on who your child is actually communicating with by hiring a background check investigator.

Downloading viruses

Cyber criminals are constantly developing more advanced ways of tricking internet users into downloading viruses or spyware onto their devices. By using computer monitoring, you can make sure your children aren’t visiting potentially risky websites or receiving phishing emails and then educate them in how to stay safe from viruses online.

Computer Monitoring Services for Kids
Computer Monitoring Services for Kids

Digital footprint

Children are often experts in using the internet and new technologies, but what they lack is the life experience to understand how to use them wisely. Protect your children’s future as well as present reputation by using computer monitoring to make sure that they’re not giving out too much personal information online or building a digital footprint that could be harmful and difficult to erase either now or in the future.

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