How to Ensure the IT Infrastructure in Your New Office Can Meet Your Needs


For IT managers, one of the most important things to consider when moving to a new office space is whether or not the new office has sufficient IT infrastructure to handle the demands of your workforce.

Most office buildings provide basic connectivity in terms of phone lines, structured cabling, and electrical outlets, but if the wiring is old and there isn’t enough of it, it can put serious limitations on your ability to provide everyone with adequate connectivity.

In the worst-case scenario, it may lead to overloaded systems that can no longer provide timely or reliable access to the Internet and Local Area Network, reducing your workforce’s ability to be effective in their roles.

IT Office Infrastructure
IT Office Infrastructure

With technological progress advancing at a rapid pace, and with many organizations struggling to keep up with the newer, more efficient communication tools being made available every year, it is more important than ever for IT managers and CTOs to make sure that upgrading IT infrastructure is a priority for their organizations.

Fortunately, moving to a new building provides the perfect opportunity to step back and look at the big picture — in most cases, moving to a new building will mean upgrading the structured cabling that connects individual workers to the Internet, and this gives IT managers and CTOs an opportunity to do long-term planning around the direction of their organization’s growth and the IT infrastructure and tools that will be needed if the workforce is to scale up as needed.

In most cases, however, this is not going to be a task the organization can handle on its own. Upgrading structured cabling and overhauling your business’s IT infrastructure can be a monumental task, which is why it makes sense to hire a network cabling company to handle the actual installation.

Network cabling Toronto experts like ExcelLinx Communications are perfectly suited to help IT managers handle moves to new buildings. Due to their extensive experience with structured cabling, they are able to provide full-service cabling solutions that cover every aspect of the consultation, design, installation, certification, and maintenance.

Network Cabling
Network Cabling

Interested IT managers can learn more at ExcelLinx Communications about how this company can make the planning and installation process easier, and can also learn about the many other services they offer, such as audio-visual upgrades, wireless networking and RF services, and surveillance systems. One of the most helpful features ExcelLinxprovides is turn-key service, which makes it possible for IT managers who are working through an office move leave the entire installation in the hands of ExcelLinx experts.

Moving to a new office space will always be a stressful process that involves a significant amount of planning. But for IT managers who want to ensure that their organization’s growth is accompanied by appropriate scaling in its infrastructure capacity, it can also provide a valuable opportunity to take stock of the situation and propose network and cabling upgrades that can guarantee long-term viability.

This is why, if your organization is exploring the possibility of a move, it is important make sure to make structured cabling upgrades a key priority in the conversation. Doing so will help secure room for growth for years to come.