Five Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Cheap VPN


A Cheap VPN service may be all you need for protection. After all, most of us spend our time outside our own home, and sometimes we connect to public WIFI connections which might not be as secure as we want them to be. However, you need to ask yourselves these questions before buying into any Cheap VPN service.

Secure VPN Service
Secure VPN Service

1. Are you planning to use servers outside the USA? Some people who purchase Cheap VPN services do so because they want to maintain anonymity while they are on the Internet. Some government laws, however, oblige VPN service providers within the USA to share their clients’ information should the client be under federal investigation. To go around that risk, users of Secure VPN services opt for servers which are located out of the USA. There are several things you need to consider when you exit the USA, however. First and foremost, your Internet speed could be affected. Secondly, you might not be able to enter popular websites like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon.

2. Are you planning to use a server in the US while outside the USA? This consideration is the opposite, as some VPN users choose the service to look like they were still in the USA while they were abroad. For the most part, clients who use Secure VPN like this do so because they want to access websites which are only available for clients who are located in the USA. With the use of this VPN, they can still access websites they would miss when they leave home. If you are very far away, though, take note that your Internet speed can be seriously affected because of the difference in distance between your actual location and your server’s physical location. For most people, the lag is tolerable, though.

3. Are you planning to use it for torrent? Some people want to avail of Secure VPN because they want to protect their identity while downloading torrents and visiting sites which might have malicious content and which could harm their computers. While this is always a good idea, be sure that the VPN you are planning to avail of actually allow torrent usage. Like some ISPs, some VPN services do not allow torrent activity because they are covered by a local law.

VPN Service
VPN Service

4. Does the VPN have bandwidth limit? When you avail of a free fast VPN service, you might find that your bandwidth might be limited. This means that you will have to be constantly looking over your shoulder to check if you have already consumed the allotted bandwidth given to you for the time being. It would be better if you paid a small amount and enjoyed unlimited Fast VPN. This way, you can surf and download files all you want without worrying that your time of enjoyment is up.

5. Will you be able to use other platforms? You will need Fast VPN that allows you to connect all your gadgets to it. Unfortunately, while your gadgets might be using iOS for example, your computers might be using Windows. If this is the case, you will need a VPN that accepts all platforms, and could perform well no matter what gadget you are using. Look for cross-platform options especially if you are paying for the service.

If you cannot decide what VPN service to pick, VPN. cheap is a secure, affordable and fast VPN service that you can get sans the hassles of the usual application process.