Main Cloud Technology Benefits


When it comes to Information Technology, few trends are as important as what is seen as moving to the cloud. Cloud computing is evolving incredibly fast and is seen as the wave of the future. It should come as no surprise that Charles Phillips role at Infor is highly connected with cloud tech and why many large companies do all that they can to catch a slice of the market. Everything is basically associated with the huge benefits that cloud computing offers. The main benefits are presented below.

Benefits of Cloud Technology
Benefits of Cloud Technology

Cost Savings

Businesses nowadays need high production and low operation costs. Cloud technology is now offering exactly that. Expenses are going to automatically be reduced while productivity is lost. Clouds basically allow companies to eliminate upfront investments for software and hardware. This does not mean like much but those upfront investments were really high for most companies. You can so easily save hundreds or thousands of dollars every single year, thus gaining a really important competitive advantage.

Data Access

Cloud app users are going to access applications and data from basically any device that can be connected online. Access is basically possible anywhere and anytime thanks to this technology. Data would easily be accessed on the internet thanks to the servers of the cloud provider. At the same time, employees and management crews can get involved whenever necessary. Cloud computing gives access to vital information while an individual user is at a business meeting, a remote area or even at the hotel. The internet connection is the only thing that is necessary.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Endless Scalability

One of the main reasons why cloud computing is nowadays in high demand is scalability. When you want to perform an upgrade as you need more for your business and you use the old methods, it is difficult to deal with the extra investments necessary. With cloud computing you can easily receive exactly what you need at the moment. If you need more resources, they are available instantly. If not and you want to scale down, this is possible. That can be quite important for a company, especially when faced with great sales periods like the holidays, when more is needed to manage everything.

Increased Security

Although we had some hacking scandals that appeared in the past, at the moment, cloud computing is highly secured. The great thing about it is that you are not just protected from the hackers. You are also protected from bugs and unwanted accidents. There are always backups that are set up and all the defensive measures added are going to be great, ranging from advanced cryptography techniques to patch management.

Cloud Technology
Cloud Technology


As you can so easily realize, cloud computing stands out as a really interesting opportunity for many companies. This includes the small and the large ones. Remember that we only mentioned the main advantages. Several others could be added to the list. Cloud computing stands out as the technology that is going to shape how business is handled in the future. There is basically no denial in that.