Spying Tech Making a Complete Mockery of iPhone Privacy


    Apple has been known to provide products that are ‘safe haven’ and are beyond the reach of hackers and snoops. And to back up this claim, they have kept almost a clean slate when it comes to security breaches. Although they have managed to keep hackers at bay, they haven’t managed to do anything about snoops who are increasingly deploying iOS spy apps to make a complete mockery of whatever security protocols Apple has incorporated into its flagship phone to protect users’ privacy. The spy apps available today have already proved that no matter what the tech giant does to reinforce its defense against unsolicited access, they’re always stay one step ahead, thus making all attempts and efforts to reduce their efficacy futile. Some of the ways in which spying tech is ruining Apple’s ‘safe haven’ reputation and shredding iPhone privacy to pieces have been explained below.

    SMS and Call Details Can Be Pried On

    It may sound a bit unnerving, but spy apps enable snoops to gain unsolicited access to iPhone communications, which includes both calls as well as SMS. The perpetrator is able to view everything from the time, data, and duration of calls, to the content and timestamps of text messages. Sadly, the breach doesn’t end here. Spy apps even reveal the phone numbers that are party to the call or SMS exchange. This kind of intrusion is certainly alarming and negates the claims made by Apple about how iPhone is the securest smartphone option in the market today.

    WhatsApp is Not Safe Either

    Aside from calls and SMS, even WhatsApp communications find themselves at the mercy of iPhone spy apps. Almost all user activity on the popular instant messaging platform can be logged and made visible to the snoops by spying tech. Whatever measures Apple have taken to prevent this blatant intrusion are yet to make their presence felt. So far, spy apps are easily shredding the privacy illusion sold by the tech giant to its users into tiny pieces.

    iPhone Gallery Also at Risk

    This is where mockery of Apple security hits a whole new level. Even the pictures in iPhone Gallery aren’t out of snoops’ reach owning to today’s powerful spy apps. A spy app is easily able to scoop up all the stored pictures on the target iPhone and deliver them to a third-party, i.e. snoops, without raising any alarm or leaving any footprint behind. The whole privacy breach takes place remotely, making the intrusion both convenient and risk-free. Again, iPhone security protocols stand exposed, whereas perception of unassailable privacy stand destroyed.

    A Stained Repute

    Apple has long been justifying the heavy price tag on its products, especially iPhone, by pointing towards quality and security. However, spy apps have certainly stripped the tech giant of the right to make this claim because it’s clear that the spying tech has Apple pinned. In the past, it was just the non-jailbroken iPhones that found themselves vulnerable to this growing threat, but recently, even non-jailbroken iPhones have become susceptible to snooping due to the advent of non-jailbroken versions of spy app. Either Apple is failing to realize the magnitude of this problem, or it’s simply failing to find an effective solution to it. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure – users concerned about their privacy are starting to rule out iPhone as a safe option.