Why You Should Hold on to Your PS4 Instead of Buying the NEW PS4 Pro


PS4 Pro is coming out in a few weeks, yet some gamers are still confused over it. To sum it up, the Pro is a beefed up version of the standard PS4 – upped graphics capability and processing power, which is twice the performance of the original. It will be available this coming November, and priced at $399. That’s no more than the original PlayStation 4 did when it was released barely three years ago.

So, why should you hold on to your PS4 instead of buying the NEW PS4 Pro? Consider the following things.

PS4 Pro
PS4 Pro

There’s no reasonable reason to buy the PlayStation 4 Pro

You’re saying: “But, how about the enhanced graphics capability and boosted graphics?” As Sony itself has said a while back, the Pro isn’t meant to be next generation gaming, but simply a response to a shift in display technology.

The upcoming 4K-ish games will look better, but play the same. With this, you can just ignore Sony’s “If you’re a gamer that wants to be at the forefront of innovation, PS4 Pro is for you.” If you can play the same game without much difference in the original PS4, why bother? You can check out the selection of PlayStation 4 games at Harvey Norman and get back to what matters – playing great titles!

You won’t feel estranged without it

In no way will owning the new PlayStation 4 make you feel hugely superior to those who doesn’t – unless you love power-tripping. Besides, nothing about its existence will threaten your ability to enjoy the same games PlayStation 4 Pro owners will. As Sony said, the obvious visual enhancements aside, PlayStation 4 Pro games will work identically to their PlayStation 4 counterparts.

PS4 Pro Comparison
PS4 Pro Comparison

And no, Sony isn’t trying to make consoles more PC-like

There will be no upgradeable components either, if that’s what you hope. No worrying about drivers and 3D setting overrides, or having to put together thermally tenable case systems with liquid cooling mechanisms, heat sinks and fans. There’s just the second tier of compartmental read-to-play goodness on offer.

Can you afford-slash-do-you-want a 4K-capable TV?

4K TVs aren’t cheap. While you can buy a decent entry-level TV, 4K shines best on much larger screens, so you’re bound to spend more than you want. You could be paying through the nose just for the bragging rights.

PS4 Pro Reveal
PS4 Pro Reveal

No 4K Blu-ray, sorry

Yes, there’s also the absence of an Ultra HD Blu-Ray player in the PlayStation 4 Pro. Sony said that it isn’t including it in the upcoming Pro because the economics don’t make sense. Well, does it make sense to you? For me at least, it doesn’t.

End Note

If you care that much for graphics, you can afford a 4K television, and you have the money to splurge, then no one’s stopping you, go ahead and purchase the PS4 Pro when it comes out. However, if you already own a standard PS4 and care not about the irrelevant upgrades, then you’re better off waiting for the PlayStation 5 in the future. Your money will be better spent browsing the selection of PlayStation 4 games at Harvey Norman or your favourite game store.

If it aren’t broke, why fix it, right?